THE QUEERS "Don't Back Down" LP, CD Vinyl

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Yeah, another QUEERS reissue! While THE QUEERS explore whole new areas of pop harmonies that were only hinted at on previous records (there's even a 60s style Farfisa organ on "Janelle, Janelle" and "Punk Rock Girls"), they definitely haven't said goodbye to their own style of bare bones, in your face punk rock, as evidenced by such cute little ditties as "I'm Okay, You're Fucked" and "Brush Your Teeth". "Don't Back Down" features 14 songs, which range from butt-slamming classic punk rock to exquisitely beautiful pop.

Remixed and remastered in 2007 by Mass Giorgini, this includes the out-of-print "Bubblegum Dreams" EP

Track Listing:
1. No Tit
2. Punk Rock Girls
3. I'm OK, You're Fucked
4. Number One
5. Don't Back Down
6. I Only Drink Bud
7. I Always Knew
8. Born To Do Dishes
9. Janelle, Janelle
10. Brush Your Teeth
11. Sidewalk Surfin' Girl
12. Another Girl
13. Love Love Love
14. I Can't Get Over You
15. Never Ever
16. Little Honda
17. End It All Now

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Current pressing: 500 Classic black vinyl